"Sound has the power to heal our wounds, ignite our spirit, change consciousness, and re-unite us with the divine harmonies and rhythms of the universe"   Donna Carey, PhD, L.Ac. , co-founder of Acutonics

Neptune, Mars and Uranus

Neptune, Mars and Uranus. Performed by William Morris and Theresa Lee Morris. Mastering by Will. This recording was performed on April 4 2020, Neptune was sitting at the midpoint between Mars and Uranus the day that Jupiter and Pluto were conjunct. Very significant configuration and resonates with what we are all experiencing at this time.
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Jupiter and Pluto

This recording was done on April 4th 2020 by William Morris and Theresa Lee Morris. Mastering done by William Morris. This was performed at the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. Enjoy!

Nibiru Portal

Here is our healing gift to you from the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre. Humanity at a crossroads. Nibiru 161.26 Hz is the core frequency of this track. We recorded it using what I call ‘resonant theurgy,’ which is a performative and ritual weaving with the cosmos. For this one, we used the Spring equinox of
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Herbal Medicine for Epidemics

Free Training with Will Morris PhD, RH   This training is designed for TCM and Western Herbalists. It is open to ANYONE interested on working with herbal medicine for Epidemics. This training will be webcast on Zoom and recorded classes will be listed here for viewing. PLEASE NOTE: We are happy to share these recordings
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