Acutonics Elective: 8 – EV Pulses, Treating Shock & Trauma with Will Morris

July 23, 2019 – July 24, 2019 all-day
Kootenay Sound Healing Centre
691 Riondel Rd
Riondel, BC V0B 2B0
$325 + 5% GST early reg by July 9th is $250 + GST
Theresa Lee Morris or Will Morris

Acutonics Elective:

8-Extraordinary Pulses, Treating Shock and Trauma

Instructor: William Morris PhD, DAOM 

The Qi Jing Ba Mai Kao are the eight extraordinary vessels (Eight EV). They are critical to the treatment of trauma and shock. This method is rooted in classical lore such as the Pulse Classic. This material is woven together with contemporary psychological theories of Stanislov Grof and his perinatal birth matrices, and Wilhelm Reich’s notion of character armoring. The methods are extended into the treatment of epigenetics as they relate to intergenerational trauma.

Weaving Pulse diagnosis and clinical observations with the practice of Acutonics

This two day course uses Acutonics® to treat the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (8EV). The work is based on Han Dynasty methods of Chinese medicine which have historically been used for manual therapeutics, herbs and acupuncture. It is based on the book, Eight Extraordinary Vessels: Treating Shock and Trauma.

This is a focused 8EV method, related to the assessment, and transformation around family karmas as discovered through pulse assessment and applications of tuning forks.

Participants will use pulse diagnosis to choose one or more of the eight extraordinary vessels (8EV). The pulse provides direct feedback as to which vessel the body is using to compensate for life events.

Archetypes are used to make decisions about selection of tuning forks relevant to the client’s concerns. The choice of tuning forks is also performed according to the research of Stanislov Grof and Richard Tarnis on birth trauma.

This class focuses on using the pulse with vessel palpation to confirm the selection of the vessel to be treated. This allows the practitioner to assess the client’s adaptive response to the events in their life in terms of the 8EV. Then, evaluation of the treatment response is executed using the same methods.


Early registration 2 weeks before class is $250 + 5% GST, thereafter, $325 + 5% GST


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