Acutonics Elective: Astrology and Sound Healing with Will Morris

June 4, 2019 – June 6, 2019 all-day
Kootenay Sound Healing Centre
691 Riondel Road
Early registration 2 weeks before class is $375 + 5% GST, after is $450 + 5% GST
Theresa Lee Morris

Acutonics Elective:

Medical Astrology with William Morris, PhD, DAOM

This course weaves the astrological world view of Acutonics® with specific tools for mapping the chart onto the body. Various schools of thought are applied including Chinese acupuncture systems, alchemy, chakras and energetic sheaths.

This course is focused on the use the cosmogram as guide for treatment decisions in Acutonics. An array of techniques are explored.

Premodern methods of the Yellow Emperor are used. The position of the visible five planets, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are linked to the five elemental points on the meridians. Daoist alchemical concepts are used for purposes related to the soul’s journey on this planet. Midpoints as a path to selecting harmonic frequencies are explored in depth. Vibrational astrological techniques are explored in the expression of number.  Cycle concepts and draconic methods are explored.


Early registration 2 weeks before class is $375, after is $450

5% GST not included


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