Free Training with Will Morris PhD, RH


This training is designed for TCM and Western Herbalists. It is open to ANYONE interested on working with herbal medicine for Epidemics. This training will be webcast on Zoom and recorded classes will be listed here for viewing.

PLEASE NOTE: We are happy to share these recordings with you. By logging on, using the notes or recordings  you, agree that you are  participating  in a historical and contemporary analysis of a stage model for herbal therapies in epidemics. You further agree that the information provided is strictly educational, and that actions taken using the information is solely your responsibility. As a registrant, you agree to indemnify William Morris, PhD. DAOM for any use of these materials based upon your actions.

Will Morris has 40 years of experience with more than 40,000 patient visits. He is author of Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis, Li Shi-zhen Pulse Diagnosis: An Illustrated Guide, and  TCM Case Studies: Dermatology.

This presentation is a weave between bioregional herbal values and a coherent stage-based method of herbalism for epidemics. Please graze through this web site for more learning opportunities. 

Here is the recording for the Thursday March 26 class:

Here is the recording for the Friday March 27 class:

Here is the recording for the Monday March 30th class:

Here is the recording for the Tuesday March 31st class:

Here is the recording for the Wednesday April 1st class:

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