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MEDASTRO 3 day astrology and sound healing training! June 4 to 6 2019:

Acutonics Elective: Astrology and Sound Healing

Learn how to use the astrological chart as a guide to treatment decisions for Acutonics®  tuning forks. Sophisticated but easy to learn astrological techniques are explored for the purpose of selecting tuning forks for daily and evolutionary concerns. One such tool is the nodal axis of the Moon, which we use in Draconic Medicine, to treat chakras and local anatomy.

The program builds from the ground up and provides the necessary building blocks for the beginner, yet contains pearls for the seasoned astrologer.

 Planetary symbols and signs are discussed as well as the relationship between the daily motion and the movement through the zodiac for the planets. This approach is used to free the life force of the client to heal the body and approach liberation. In addition to precise mapping of the astrological chart onto the body for treatment strategies, we will explore the use of the that chart for setting up the healing space.

This class is designed for astrology and acutonics® students working with planetary tuning forks 

This class is approved as an Acutonics® Elective


 June 4 to 6 2019

Early registration 14 days before class:


Thereafter, $450 

5% GST added to all classes

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Medastro 10 week online class begins Sept 4!

Astro Sound Healing ONLINE

This Ten Week ONLINE Medastro course on Astro Sound Healing focuses on the use of tuning forks and acupuncture points. Participants will use the astrological chart to direct energetic forms of treatment. It is useful to astrologers, acupuncturists, acupressurists and Acutonics practitioners who are interested in connecting treatments to the astrological chart. Several approaches to connecting the body to the astrological chart are used including the houses, signs, aspects, meridians, nodal axis of the Moon and chakras. This exciting approach to healing opens doors and begins with fundamental concepts as a foundation that progresses into methods that are immediately applicable.

Each class is recorded and available for review or viewing at a later time if the participant does not attend for any reason.

Next 10 week session begins on September 4 2019!

Tuition: $325 EXTENDED till Sept 4th, therafter $400

repeat students, $200 if registered by Sept 4th, thereafter, $250

5% GST added to all classes

This class is approved as an Acutonics Elective

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