Three Treasures 4 Ohm Unison Gem Tip Set



Three Treasures: 4 Ohm Unison 4 Gem Tip Set

This set includes:

1-Red Garnet Gem Tip

1-Citrine Gem Tip

1-Amethyst Gem Tip

1-Optically Pure Quartz Gem Tip

4-Mid Ohm Bored Out Tuning Forks

Specially designed to represent the Three Treasures, Amethyst for Heaven, Red Garnet for Earth and Citrine for Humanity.  Optically Pure Quartz is designed for use in combination with the other stones to activate, energize, and amplify their influences.

Bored out Tuning Forks are especially designed for Gem Tips, simply screw the tip into bored end.

Set includes wooden case not shown in picture